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Changing the Face of Breast Cancer| Hands On Ladies and Girls!!

Tweet   Women Changing the Way We Think About Our Boobs: Dr. Nalini Chilkov and Dr. Kristi Funk by Anna Musky-Goldwyn   Reprinted from the Huffington Post-Dr. Chilkov and Dr. Funk are being honored  at The Get in Touch Foundation’s first LA Pretty in Pink Luncheon on Sunday March 16 in Santa Monica. Tickets and more information are […]

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Never Give Up | Inspirational Diana Nyad TED talk

Regardless of your age or your circumstances, it’s about the journey and being authentically and fully yourself. This is an inspiring TED Talk by Diana Nyad, who, at the age of 64 swam from Cuba to Florida. Get inspired! Watch this video!

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Six Steps to More Energy and Less Fatigue

Tweet If you are feeling fatigued due to cancer treatments or tired and wired due to stress here are the keys to nourishing sustained energy and vitality.

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Can I take nutritional supplements during my cancer treatments?

Tweet The answer is both YES and NO. Some nutrients and supplements offer support and may even reduce some toxic effects, while others may interfere with your treatments. Knowledge and guidance are required. Of course you should fully inform and discuss with your doctor and have an expert in nutritional and herbal medicine who also understands drug-nutrient […]

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10 Tips to Boost Immunity

Tweet   Taking care of your immune system is the key to getting well and staying well.  Incorporate these simple elements into your daily life and you will enjoy robust immunity and vitality.

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Dr. Nalini featured in Integrative Cancer Medicine Magazine

Dr. Nalini Featured in Integrative Cancer Medicine Magazine – Alternative Health Therapies Allopathic, Integrative, Functional, Natural, Holistic
A Fantastic New Pulication By Cynthia Tercha

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Top High Lignan Foods that Lower Breast Cancer Risk

Postmenopausal women who consume diets rich in a plant chemicals called lignans have a lower risk of breast cancer…Lignan rich soy helps postmenopausal women lose weight. Lignans also reduce risk of cardiovascular disease which kills more women overall than does cancer. Add whole flax seeds, ground flax seed meal, sesame seeds and whole sesame butter ( not tahini) to your diet on a regular basis. Add soybeans and soy products.

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Cancer and Cosmetics | What Price Beauty?

How a small dedicated group of women caused Walmart, Proctor and Gamble, Johnson and Johnson and Target to rethink the safety of their cosmetics and body care products that contain toxic chemicals linked to many cancers.

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10 Reasons You Should be Tested for Vitamin D

Tweet Life Saving and Health Promoting Benefits of Vitamin D: Vitamin D can reduce your risk of the flu and complications of flu. Vitamin D contributes to lowering the incidence of infections and inflammation during the fall-winter flu season. The Canadian government has recommended increased Vitamin D intake as part of their flu prevention strategy, […]

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